Frequently Asked Questions

General Building Calculator Questions


UBUILDPRO is an online pricing and energy rating facility built specifically for pricing house builds. The system is constantly updated, so all prices are in real-time. Users can change details of a house-build, and the price and energy rating is automatically updated. Get all your Building Calculator Questions answered here!

Who is UBUILDPRO for?

UBUILDPRO can be used by everyone involved in house building, from architects, quantity surveyors and builders to builders suppliers, self builders and homeowners.

How does UBUILDPRO work?

UBUILDPRO has a live database of prices of goods, materials and labour for all elements of house building. Once a drawing is submitted, it is broken down into its individual elements, which are then priced, and the overall cost calculated. As these individual elements are changed, the overall cost is re-calculated and updated.

UBUILDPRO uses SEAI’s DEAP software to generate Building Energy Ratings (BERs) for all drawings submitted.

Do you accept printed drawings?

No. All drawings must be in CAD or DWG format, and submitted online.

Can UBUILDPRO manage extras?

Yes. Extras can be agreed between client and builder and included in the overall cost. The beauty of this is that the client can get an accurate market price for any potential extra from the UBUILDPO system, and does not have to accept the builder’s first price.

Where do you get your prices, and how often are they updated?

Our database of prices is constantly updated as bids are input to the system for the numerous projects we handle.

We’re just at planning stage. Will our prices be updated and accurate in (say) six months time?

Yes. Once you reactivate the account, the prices will be updated.

Can UBUILDPRO handle house extensions?

Yes. Once you can supply a drawing, UBUILDPRO can price your project. With extensions, the only grey area is breaking through to the existing building, and joining existing with new. These elements can be covered in the project as extras, if necessary.

How do we choose which builders to bid?

We give all our registered builders the opportunity to post all of their contact details, as well as information about their areas of speciality, references and photos of previous jobs completed.

Can I use my own builder, even if he is not registered with UBUILDPRO?

Yes. We would suggest that you get your builder to register with UBUILDPRO, so that you can have a complete Bill of Quantities priced by him/her and held within the system. This makes monitoring of progress and payments, and pricing of extras much more easily managed.

Can UBUILDPRO process any style of building?

While we endeavour to handle every building that is uploaded, there are some situations where we have to refuse a project, due to some architectural or technical detail which is currently beyond the capabilities of our system.

FAQs for Builders

How do I use UBUILDPRO?

The first thing UBUILDPRO does is calculate ALL of the quantities for your build, and gives you a market price for both materials and labour. It is up to you then to review these prices and get your own prices in from your favoured suppliers. (All bills of quantities can be sent through our easy-to-use email interface.) Once you have finalised your margins, you are ready to submit your bid.

How long will it take me to price a job using UBUILDPRO?

Builders who have trialled the system for us can complete a bid in less than an hour.

How can I be sure of my margins?

There is a facility within the system where you can vary margins on different elements.

What support is available from UBUILDPRO?

We have a dedicated team of experts who can take you through the system and answer any questions you might have.

FAQs for Builders Merchants

What can UBUILDPRO do for me?

UBUILDPRO generates complete bills of quantities, which means you don’t have to do take-offs from drawings.

How can I get projects automatically priced, and save both time and money?

If you upload your price database to our system, we can link it in and automatically generate completed bills of quantities for you.

Do I lose negotiating power when using UBUILDPRO?

No. You can give the builder an overall price for his list, without showing itemised costs.