Spending too much time and money on tenders?

Estimate Building Costs Now

UBUILDPRO is an online service which quantifies house builds and gives you estimate building costs by delivering

  • accurate, real-time costs for the project
  • a Building Energy Rating
  • options to upgrade different building elements
  • a seamless connection with suppliers, for pricing purposes.

Do you know your margins?

How many times have you started a job, with only a "fair" idea that you are going to make a profit? It takes so much time and effort to produce an accurate bill of quantities, and before a project is complete, prices may have changed.

With UBUILDPRO, your suppliers' prices can be loaded directly into the project, and you can change your margins on all aspects of the job - roofing, windows, renders etc.

Get the details right.

UBUILDPRO generates a detailed bill of quantities for the project, right down to the last bag of nails. We also provide 3-D drawings for all major elements of the project so you can better visualize what’s involved - how many roof valleys, for example, or how many corners with quoins. We will have quantified how many hours it should take you to complete each element of the build, but you can change this up or down as you see fit.

How does it work?

Through our online interface, elements of the house build can be changed - windows, roof tiles, light fittings, whatever - and the overall build cost is immediately updated. So its easy to keep a project within budget. Extras can be added in as a project progresses, so you AND your clients can easily keep one eye on the bottom line!

Its very straightforward to use. Once a drawing has been uploaded to the servers, we produce a complete bill of quantities. These prices are based on market averages. You review the prices, make any changes, adjust your margin, and forward your bid to the client.

If you’re successful, you can use the UBUILDPRO online interface throughout the project to add extras, manage your purchasing, and source sub contractors, if necessary.