UBUILDPRO is a Home Building Cost estimator

If you are looking for a Home Building Cost estimator, you're in the right place.

UBUILDPRO is an online build pricing and BER facility.

Through our home building cost estimator service, you change your building spec. via the interface, while both the build price and BER is updated instantly.

Easy to change your spec and see how those changes affect your price and BER.

How sure are you that the products specified in your drawings are the best for your build - are there cheaper products of similar quality available on the market?

The UBUILDPRO system is designed to accept standard architects drawings, in DWG format. Once uploaded to the system, we break down your building into all of its component parts, from roof tiles, to windows, to bags of nails.

We then combine this bill of quantities with our extensive products database, from most of the suppliers in your region, and let you know the market price for your build.

BER Certified

The client can ask builders registered in the system to bid to build the house. The system makes it easy to compare builder's bids (we restrict the number of bidders to three). Once the client has picked a builder, client and builder can sit down together and use our interface to finalise the building spec, getting an accurate final price and BER, and also get accurate prices for extras.

UBUILDPRO - connecting partners in the building industry.

UBUILDPRO is an ideal tool for self-builders who want reassurance and accuracy regarding the price of their build.

UBUILDPRO is also an ideal tool for Architects, Builders and Suppliers.

Advantages for Architects:

  • accurate, real-time costs for the project
  • a Building Energy Rating
  • a compliance check with current regulations,
  • the ability to quickly price and energy rate changes.

Advantages for Suppliers

  • significant time-savings on pricing projects
  • product exposure through UBUILDPRO interface

Advantages for Builders

  • accurate, real-time costs for the project
  • know your margins
  • Only three bidders per contract.
  • a seamless connection with suppliers, for pricing purposes.

The System

  • Clients submit drawings to UBUILDPRO
  • Suppliers Data - Prices, location, logistics, margins, discounts, exists in real time, in the engine database.
    Suppliers and Builders also have the facility to set up discount agreements between each other within the database.
  • The drawing dimensions are combined with supplier data, and a full bill of quantities is generated.
  • This is available online, where all users, builders, architects, self-builders can interact with BoQ and make real time changes
  • Final Output: Bills of quantity, schedules, 2D and 3D graphics and BER calculations

So, that’s it.

UBUILDPRO - accurate, real-time pricing for your build.


The System

So, how does it work?

There are three stages:

  • Uploading your Build to our System
  • Optimising your Build
  • Finding your Builder

Stage 1: Uploading your Build to our System

In order to price your build, we need your drawings uploaded to our system. Our UBUILDPRO software breaks down your build, quantifying everything, from roof tiles to rafters, from plugs to panel pins. We link your bill of quantities to our pricing database, and give you an average market price for your build. (You’ll get a final price from your builder in Stage 3.) All prices provided by us are based on our pricing database, which is constantly updated and includes data on every element you might require.

Stage 2: Optimising your Build

Once your build has been analysed by the UBUILDPRO system, you can change elements of your build and see how your overall price is affected. Whether you find yourself over budget and need to cut back, or under budget and would like to upgrade your windows, say, you can do all of this quite easily through our fully interactive shopping cart. Just change an item and your overall price is automatically updated. The BER rating is also revidsed through the site.

Stage 3: Finding your Builder

You’ll need a builder. UBUILDPRO can provide you with a list of builders from your region, or you can use your own. Through the system, you can get up to three builders to quote you for your build. Builders will receive a link to the bill of quantities, and they are given a certain amount of time to come back to you with a finalised price. This finalised price is based on the builder’s prices and margin, rather than the average price from the UBUILDPRO pricing database. You now choose which builder you want to work with.