Budget, BER and Part L SORTED.

UBUILDPRO is an online service that will Quantify Home Building Projects, delivering

  • accurate, real-time costs for the project
  • a Building Energy Rating
  • a compliance check with the Part L Building Regulations,
  • and options to upgrade.

Know the cost of your projects, AND the cost of changes.

Clients always seem to want bigger houses than they can afford, more ensuites than they need, overly expensive floor coverings or roof slates. And you want to design buildings, not act as a quantity surveyor, trying to balance real prices with your clients' dreams.

UBUILDPRO can make your job a lot easier.

With UBUILDPRO quantify home building projects online service you can make changes to the building specification online through our Online Interface, and prices are updated immediately. So its easy to stay within budget, while giving your clients maximum return for their investment.

Save time for more important tasks.

And it's very straightforward to use. Upload a drawing to our servers, and within 48 hours, we will give you a link to your project, fully quantified and priced. All prices are based on market averages, and our pricing database is updated on a weekly basis.

You can also get bids from local contractors, and KNOW that their tenders are fully priced, right down to the last bag of nails.

Improve your offering to your Clients.

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UBUILDPRO brings project management and budgeting into the 21st century. It greatly adds to the level of service that you can offer to your Clients, makes sure that Part L is complied with and will become an essential part of your design tool-kit. You can make informed design decisions knowing instantly the implications for both construction costs as well as energy rating. Best of all, the system greatly enhances the prospect of a happy ending between designer, client and builder.