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Send us your drawings and we will give you everything you need to manage your build. Get a full report print out on your home including Bill of Quantities, an Energy Compliance Report and a 3D visual walkthrough of your home.

Then, use our interface to make changes to your spec, and see how those changes affect the price.


Get informed.

This may be the first and only house you'll ever build. And no matter how much work you put into researching the best products, builders and services, you're bound to miss some things. That's why you should use uBuildPRO - get a detailed, fully-informed view of the dimensions, price and quantities of your project BEFORE you start dealing with builders.


We know the regulations

Building Regulations and compliance are important factors in the development of the building industry, and in the improvement in quality of new builds. Our software is programmed to check each project for energy and environmental compliance with all building regulations. So you can be sure, before you start, that you are on the right road to a quality, compliant build.

We've got you

It doesn't have to be a minefield.

You have a vision for what a house should be, and sometimes matching that to what regulations require can be demanding.

That's where uBuildPRO comes in. At a click, you can have your design checked for compliance with Part L Building Regulations - AT A CLICK!

Our system also produces a preliminary BER - isn't that a great add-on to offer your customers?

You can request a call back from our quantity surveyor, Aidan, to discuss the solutions we can provide for detailed BoQs, preliminary BER ratings and 3D modelling.


Do you know your margins?

How many times have you started a job, with only a "fair" idea that you are going to make a profit? It takes so much time and effort to produce an accurate bill of quantities, and before a project is complete, prices may have changed. With UBUILDPRO, you can set your overall margin for the job, and you can change your margins on all aspects of the job - roofing, windows, renders etc.

It's all about

Start Making More Money

UBUILDPRO is an online service which quantifies house builds and gives you estimate building costs by delivering accurate, real-time costs for your projects.

Get the details right.

Send in your drawings and let us do the work. Our accurate quantities and interactive BoQs make sure you miss nothing and make the right margins on each job. Contact Aidan, our quantity surveyor, to see how we can start working for you and saving you time and hassle. Professional quotes generated every time for every job.


What's next?

You want an accurate price for your build? Don't delay - Send us your drawings and we will review them for you.


Send us your drawings

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We'll review your drawings and contact you with a quote for our services. Prices range from €300 to €600, depending on th complexity of your build.

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Customers Think

Handy that all the info is in one place and easily accessible and referable.

David MacDonald

Great to be able to do all the shopping in one window. And getting instant price changes to alterations. Cuts down on to-ing and fro-ing with QS.

Sean Lacey

It does a lot at one place, a one stop shop. Its like having your QS at your kitchen table, EVERY NIGHT!

Caroline Healy