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We do all the pricing, so you don't have to.

It's the MAGIC of UBUILDPRO! Once you get your price from us, you can log on and make changes to your spec. As you change the spec, the price and BER update AUTOMATICALLY! Its so easy to use -with UBUILDPRO you can get the best build for your budget!

You don't need to install any software on your device - it's all online.

Bill of

All the details
you'll ever need.

Prices for everything in your home.

Our software breaks your drawings down to the minutest details, and calculates every single thing required to build your house, right down to the number of nails. Would you like to see a sample report? Bill of Quantities Summary Report Quantity Report

You need details...

Take a look at this sample 78 pager report.

UBuildPro has combined modelling software, pricing and product databases with in house quantity surveyors to be able to produce a range of reports all feeding into BoQ documents.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the residential sector.

We produce individual reports on costs, quantities, products and component shopping lists as well as fully detailed BoQ documents. All the information you need in one booklet to complete a build to spec and in budget.

Using the latest processes we can streamline the work and produce details faster and with more accuracy. This allows us to offer a value solution to the house building industry.

The Importance of Quantity Surveying when planning your build.

Ask anyone who has recently finished building their home or an industry professional and they will all agree that fore-warned is fore-armed. This is what a quantity surveyor will do for you - help you avoid ever having to think about the benefit of hindsight!

Take the initial step to use UBuildPro as your Quantity Surveyor and our interactive Bills of Quantities will save you money, time and surprises.

  • Accurately assess your mortgage requirements and use our printed booklet of reports as part of your mortgage application.
  • Explore the cost implications by making changes to the build before it is too late.
  • Use the BoQs to order the right materials in the right order.
  • Our BoQs can form cost plans so you can plan your payments to keep the build running smooth on budget and to programme.

BER included!

Energy Compliance and BER

UBUILDPRO is focused, not just on pricing but also on energy compliance and BER. In particular, we offer guidance on compliance with mandatory building regulations. Please watch the video for a full description of what you will get from the UBUILDPRO system, in relation to energy compliance and BER. Sample Report

We Check Part L
Compliance for you

Everything in your build contributes to the energy rating

After our system has completely modelled your building we have every conceivable dimension and important measurement required to produce a Preliminary BER energy rating.

Ubuild not only has a fully priced product database but a fully energy rated product database.

All details of the home are automatically fed into the DEAP (Dwellings Energy Assessment Procedure) spreadsheet and through a range of calculations a report is produced to detail your energy compliance along with a preliminary BER (Building Energy Rating) result.

Take a 3D Walk
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See how YOUR home
will really look when built!

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Use the

Sample 3D Render

In this video, you can see what a 3D Render of your house will look like. You can also download the software and sample house below, and see how vivid and realistic a 3D render can be.

You'll need to do install the software on your device, but it'll be worth it!

Step 1: Download the software here:

Step 2: Install the software.

Step 3: Download the sample house.

Step 4: Save it to your computer and open it with BIMx.