Interactive Pricing Tool Change any product in your spec.
and see how the overall price changes
Guaranteed to save you money Get the best products at the best price
3D Graphics of your project Highly detailed walkthroughs of your build. Sample

Accurate Pricing and BoQ

uBuildPRO will provide you with an accurate estimate & a comprehensive Bill of Quantities for your build. All prices come from our extensive database of fully-priced components.

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Smart User Interface

It's the MAGIC of UBUILDPRO! Once you get your price from us, you can log on and make changes to your spec. As you change the spec, the price and BER update AUTOMATICALLY!

Its so easy to use -with UBUILDPRO you can get the best build for your budget!

BER & Part L Check

UBUILDPRO is focused, not just on pricing but also on energy compliance and BER. In particular, we offer guidance on compliance with mandatory building regulations.

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You need accuracy

right down to the number of nails!


Roof tiles

That's right. Our software is so powerful, we count ALL of the items needed for your project, from roof tiles to blocks to nails & screws.

We also quantify all trades hours, and everything is priced regionally.


Window choices

Our extensive database lets you choose from 95% of all Window types on the market, from simple UPVC to the latest in engineered frames with top range u-values.
And its not just windows. You can change anything you want in your spec - roof tiles, wall type, bathroom tiling - even the number of sockets in the sittingroom!


No Limits

Make a change to your spec, and the PRICE and BER is updated AUTOMATICALLY! And there's NO LIMIT to how many changes you can make.



What's next?

You want an accurate price for your build? Don't delay - register with us and upload your drawings now.

Best build for your budget with uBuildPRO

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We can use ANY drawing - from concept to planning through to full architctural drawings - to complete your house specification.




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